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rising land prices and building taxes are increasingly rampant making people even more hesitant to buy and own their own homes, many businesses are growing around home loans with unreasonable interest. this makes many people think that dreaming of having a luxury home is a waste of time. the decision taken must be fully considered, whether we continue to take the house with a high cost or we only rent a place to stay and pay the bill every year.

Inna Rubinchik is paving her way in the high-end rental San Francisco market by combining extensive finance, taxation and real estate acquisition experience. Inna is a licensed CA RE Broker and has been focused on leasing high-end San Francisco properties since 2012.

Though SF Rental market is strong, Inna sees a need to improve leasing services. To satisfy her passion to empower real estate owners and investors to succeed, she has crafted custom property-specific marketing which provides owners with instant and detailed feedback. Her creative approach to tenant conversations and sophisticated sales techniques has resulted in consistent increased returns for her clients.

Prior to entering rental real estate, Inna spent five years at Deloitte Tax and several years with prominent Bay Area real estate investment companies. Working in both corporate and private environments has made her a creative and industrious professional with high standards of service and ability to provide unparalleled guidance to her constantly growing clientele. Her corporate background as well as firsthand landlord experience establish her as a trusted source of investment ownership and property improvement advice.

Ms. Rubinchik very much enjoys being a part of the property matchmaking process and guiding her clients in achieving their financial goals. Whether representing landlords or tenants the goal is always the same…offer an incredible service with a successful outcome

We treat our clients looking for San Francisco rental properties with the same regard as we do our buyers and sellers. Our Rental Agent Bay Area are equipped with Compass’s proprietary tech tools, market knowledge, innovative marketing strategies, and sophisticated sales techniques.

With a solutions-oriented approach to luxury rentals, we work with you every step of the way to ensure an efficient process motivated by your success.

in my opinion this kind of innovation is needed by everyone, Inna Rubinchik is a hope for those who want a better life. licensed broker Inna Rubinchik is not just a rental agent in San Francisco — she’s a longtime resident of the city who knows the Bay Area like the back of her hand. Working with Inna means you don’t just get a list of San Francisco rental listings . She builds strong connections with each client to fuel her search for rental properties that help achieve financial goals.

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